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"WOW" Your Clients with the Equipment Selection Program

Easily Select the Right Equipment for the Job
and Create Client-Friendly Project Submittals

As they say, "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression!" And now, the Equipment Selection Program (ESP) can help you look like a commercial HVAC pro with project submittals that are perfect for any client — engineers, project managers, code officials, builders, superintendents, or homeowners.

Interested in learning more? Today, let's talk about: 

What Is the Equipment Selection Program (ESP)?
Essentially, the ESP is an online website that assists Arcoaire® dealers in choosing the correct commercial products and accessories for each job. You can utilize the ESP to easily access AHRI® data, model numbers, specifications (i.e., performance data, corner weights, drawings, dimensions, and sound data), accessories (i.e., including FIOPS and field accessories), and options for the following Arcoaire equipment: 

The Equipment Selection Program (ESP) Website

How Can the ESP Help Me Select the Right Equipment for the Job?
Gone are the days of reviewing job specs and AHRI data for hours to manually configure the correct commercial system. The ESP guides you through the process of selecting the right equipment for every application based on the criteria you enter. It matches the best Arcoaire products, factory-installed options, and correct accessories for every job. 

The ESP even prevents users from choosing components that are not compatible with certain commercial models. For instance, the Program is so intuitive that if you were to select a power exhaust to accompany a manual or two-position damper, it will notify you that the components chosen are incompatible. Pretty smart, right?

Does the ESP Allow Me to Create Professional Equipment Submittals?
Absolutely! The ESP helps you create a complete professional PDF presentation, with a client-friendly appearance that is easy to understand. Custom equipment schedules can also be generated for your clients as a Microsoft® Excel® document if they prefer. 

You can customize the equipment submittals to include performance data, engineering drawings, corner weights, dimensions, and acoustics. You can even print, email, or save order lists that can be used immediately or easily revised later. 

To assist in building strong client relationships and reduce dealer risk/liability, a signature block for contract acceptance is included at the bottom of each submittal. 

How's that for making a good first impression? 

How Can I Access the ESP and Get Started?
Ready to "WOW" your client with a good first impression and a professional equipment submittal from the ESP? It's easy to get started. 

Register at GoArcoaire.com by clicking on the "Product Information" icon at the top of the website and choosing "Equipment Selection Program," or click here to go directly to the ESP website. 

Even if you're new to the commercial HVAC industry, Arcoaire can help you look like a pro with the ESP. Today, we discussed how the ESP works, how it can help you select the right Arcoaire commercial equipment for the job, how the ESP can create professional equipment submittals, and how to access the ESP. Now it's time to make a GREAT first impression with the ESP!

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