Focus on FER! Part 2: New Gas Furnace Accessory Options

Let's Talk Twinning and Gas Conversion Accessory Kits

With FER requirements in effect, we have some helpful tips to share with you on the Arcoaire® furnace line designed for FER. In Part 1 of the "Focus on FER!" series, we provided dealer tips on the Arcoaire® F96CTN Ion 96 and F80CTL Ion 80 gas furnaces. Today, in Part 2, we are discussing accessory kit options for Arcoaire furnaces. 

These new gas furnaces can utilize many of the pre-FER accessory kits; however, there are some changes to the twinning and gas conversion kits. So, let's "Focus on FER!" and find out more about the: 

"A Bird's Eye View" of the New Gas Furnace Accessory Kits

Check out the chart below. It provides an overview of the old and new gas furnace accessory kits. 

The NEW kits are backwards compatible so they will work with pre-FER furnaces as well as the new furnaces designed for FER. The OLD kits cannot be used with FER furnaces. All of the new accessory kits are currently available for ordering. 

New Gas Furnace Accessory Kits

Let's Talk Twinning Kits
Let's talk twinning! Pre-FER, three twinning kits were available. With FER, the twinning kits have been condensed into two kits so there are less parts to stock and an easier selection of the right kit. Here are the two new twinning kit numbers: 

New Twinning Kits

The two new twinning kits are backwards compatible with twinning-approved, pre-FER furnaces. 

Keep in mind that only specific sizes of a model family are approved for twinning. Click here for a list of sizes approved for use with AGATWNPME01A and here for a list of sizes approved for use with AGATWNDTE01A. 

Installers may be requesting more twinning-capable furnace options for applications that call for more Btuhs to heat the space. You asked and Arcoaire engineers listened. Twinning-capable versions of the following models are available now:

Gas Conversion Kits Categorized by Furnace Efficiency
Gas conversion kits are categorized differently for the new Arcoaire gas furnace line. Previously, these kits were grouped according to gas valve and motor type. Now, gas conversion kits are categorized by furnace efficiency to simplify the ordering and inventory management processes. 

For each type of gas conversion (i.e., natural to propane or propane to natural), there is one kit for 80 percent furnaces, and one kit for 90+ percent furnaces. There is also a dedicated kit for low capacity (26k Btuh) 90+ percent furnaces. Easy, right? 

New Gas Conversion Kits

Similar to other new FER furnace accessory kits, these new gas conversion kits are backwards compatible with pre-FER furnaces. Share this tip with your technicians!

Blower Speed Tap Jumper Kits Now Available in a 10-Pack!
Let's say a technician wants to use the same blower motor speed tap for both heating and cooling on a furnace with an FCT motor. It's a definite possibility with the new AGABLRJMP10A blower speed tap jumper kit. And, these jumpers are available in a 10-pack. Awesome addition!

Manufactured Home Conversion Kits Get a Remodel
You can order the new manufactured home conversion kits (NAHC00101MH) now. New furnaces designed for FER have been added to the conversion label as an easy reference. This kit is backwards compatible with pre-FER furnaces as well as the new furnaces. 

Focus on FER!
Today, we discussed changes and improvements to the Arcoaire gas furnace twinning and gas conversion accessory kits. 

Stay tuned to for more dealer tips and helpful information on the new furnace line as we continue to "Focus on FER!"