"Raise Your RTUs" with New Electric Heaters

New Electric Heater Design for
Light Commercial Packaged Rooftop Units

Arcoaire® designed new electric heaters for its light commercial packaged rooftop line in response to the Underwriters Laboratories® UL1995 (Fifth Edition) standard. 

The primary focus of UL 1995 is to ensure that particular electric heaters add a backup safety switch within the electric heater design. In some cases, Arcoaire engineers were able to simply add the safety switch and keep the same part number. In other instances, especially for combination heaters, engineers needed to redesign a single heater package with the new switch and new part numbers. 

Today, let's discuss the electric heater updates and ordering information, and summarize the heaters with new part numbers and the heaters that will keep the existing part numbers to assist you with inventory management going forward. 

Electric Heater Updates and Ordering Information

The charts below summarize the electric heater changes. Please note the following: 

  1. Keep in mind that the heaters are backward- and frontward-compatible. As a result, you might focus your initial efforts in models requiring the new part numbers. Please use your existing inventory and our new inventory accordingly. 
  2. Once we have depleted existing part numbers, those older heaters will become obsolete and we will switch to the new heaters/part numbers. 

  3. No master list price changes are associated with these changes. 

  4. There are no changes in electrical data, field wiring, single point kits, etc. for the heaters.  

  5. There are no changes to the new RAV/RAW models, FAS/H Air Handlers or larger Rooftop 181-336 sizes. 

  6. All support materials are in the process of being updated. 

  7. You can download a new installation manual. It's located on HVACPartners under IIK-CRHEATER 04. 

  8. We are ready to accept orders now for the new electric heaters. Please contact your distributor to place an order. 

Electric Heaters with New Part Numbers

Please reference the charts below for electric heater changes and new part numbers. 

New Part Numbers for Electric Heaters


Electric Heaters that Will Keep Existing Part Numbers

The electric heaters in the chart below will not change part numbers. They are part of the group that engineers were able to add the safety switch and keep the existing part numbers. The new safety switch has been integrated as of October 2019 production for this group of heaters. 

 Electric Heaters that Will Keep Existing Part Numbers

Today, we talked about updates to the electric heater line and how those changes will affect part numbers and the ordering process in the future. Please contact your distributor if you have questions on the newly designed electric heaters for light commercial packaged rooftop units. Now you are ready to "Raise Your RTUs" with new electric heaters!

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